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Budget Houseboats

 Budget Houseboats are a Group of Houseboats moored on the top site of Nageen Lake, one of the most beautiful and peaceful of all the lakes Made of fragrant cedar and well furnished with antique wooden furniture, the ornately carved houseboats in the Peacock group reflect a time gone-by reminiscent of the days of the British Raj.

Every houseboat has a spacious carpeted sitting room, a dining room and bedrooms with western bathrooms attached. Each houseboat has a houseboy who is available to serve meals, make the beds, clean the rooms and provide complimentary tea at any time.

All have signs on both the lakeside and landside that clearly identifies each houseboat as part of the budget Group of Houseboats. Every houseboat is deluxe class and all are equally beautiful, although there are a few differences between them. The houseboats have two, three or four bedrooms. We accommodate our guests on the houseboat best suited to the number and size of each family or group. All the houseboats are equal in terms of quality,comfort and food.

deluxe Houseboats were established in 1972 by Bashir Ahmad. With little resources but using brains and hard work he succeeded in establishing a group of deluxe houseboats, attracting wide recognition. Peacock Houseboats offer three star facilities with fully furnished deluxe accommodation along with various types of services like Internet, satellite colour television in the common living room and 24 hour room service. .

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